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Staci Baines Beauty Logo Design

Staci needed a logo for her new mobile beauty business. She wanted a logo that would work on social media and on business cards.

Staci wanted a ‘girly but professional’ looking logo with a watercolour background. A dusky pink, gold and mint green colour scheme works well with brush lettering.

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Rotring Pens

If there is such a thing as a pen geek, I am it. I first came across Rotring isograph pens when in architecture school, where we used them for technical drawing. These pens come in a variety of nib sizes, from the minuscule 0.1mm all the way up to 1mm. These different thicknesses can be used to create a line hierarchy – the more structural lines are thicker, and the detailed lines are thinner. The precision and smoothness of the lines are unparalleled.

Nowadays I mainly use these pens for logo design or for illustration. You have to be careful not the smudge your work, but that just means being a little more patient.